Orchard Farm, Kennington, TN25 4DU

Location PlanDate Bought: Nov 2014

Address: Orchard Farm Kennington TN25 4DU

Local Authority: Ashford Borough Council

Nearest Public Transport: Ashford Station – 2.4 Miles

Site Size: 5.895 hectares (14.56 acres)

Previous Use: Agricultural Small holding



Net Saleable Area: 14,520 Sq.ft

Number of Residential Units: up to 100

Type of Residential Units: mix of custom build house types

Parking: at least 2 spaces per house plus 10% visitor parking


Entrance gate at end of laneNumber of Commercial Units: 0

Application Submitted: ph1, up to 25 homes 20 June 2017

Approved: pending

Sold out: n/a